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No registration required. Simply enter any random and anonymous handle, which will also be the name of your WAR party or clique, so make it memorable. You can delete the handle at anytime. If you forget your password, consider the handle burned.


Click on the Google map to upload a picture that geotags a location as important, cool or whatever. You can also assign your own web page to the geotag or leave blank to assign the system's default web page. The geotag becomes a clickable waypoint marker in the Android heads up display at Google Play.


Invite friends to join your WAR party. Geotags marked private will only be visible to your friends' WAR handles.


Download the Android app from Google Play and scan your horizon to view and interact with nearby geotags.


This anti-social geospatial network is for those who want to communicate off the radar or outside of popular social media. The augmented reality heads up display (HUD) adds a layer of security through obscurity by making messages anonymous, private and hidden at points of interest or landmarks. Think virtual dead drops. Lastly, W.A.R. is different from other Augmented Reality browsers in three key ways.

First, the points of interest (POI) marks and content are yours, your friends and the general public. You are not force fed data from Wikipedia, City Search, Yelp, et. al.

Secondly, you do not log in with any identifying information, e.g. Facebook or Gmail account. The handles are anonymous and disposable, which means that you can easily delete a handle and all its geotags. Think one-time pads.

Lastly, there is a companion website should you be stuck behind a desktop browser. SpiderOnFire allows you to place geotags at locations without physically having to be there.

Henceforth, start using the camera as your personal heads-up display and create your own world view by leaving your art, photos, messages and web pages hovering at or above real physical locations that interest you.

Alert nearby friends or the general public to view and interact with your geotagged points of interest through their own heads-up display (HUD).

More importantly, stop staring down at your handheld and look through it to reduce the steps involved with searching. Simply scan the horizon with your camera (HUD) to reveal the relevant floating geotags, messages and images left by friends, as well as, deeper content that lies beyond your line of sight left by others. Filter out public marks and view only private marks left by members of your clique. Effortlessly and clandestinely, find your clique and shared places of interest while exploring a city, scavenger hunting, traveling the countryside or attending a large public event.

The possibilities are endless with the ever-changing sky as the limit.