SpiderOnFire presents W.A.R.

Widespread Augmented Reality

The personal heads up display for Android
with geotagged points of interest

Get your Android heads up display

Tap into a world beyond your line of sight.


★★★★ "...awesome application of GPS...This is what Niantic needs to do with...Ingress."
★★★★★ "Interesting concept Well done on making this app!"
★★★★★ "Very but very nice"

→   Featured at Augmented Reality Trends 2013

Visit the desktop geotagger

Create geotags, waypoints and virtual billboards for the mobile H.U.D.


We started W.A.R. in Los Angeles circa 2012.
Now the W.A.R. party is WORLDWIDE.

So go dark. Go wide. Go beyond your line of sight.


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W.A.R. on Open Sea

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