Privacy Policy of W.A.R.

The expressed purpose of this app is to NOT collect personal information. Anonymous usage is the primary feature.

The login function does not require any identifying information, e.g no email nor Facebook account.

This app functions continuously without requiring any personal information. The handles are anonymous, random and do not require an email address nor phone number.

This app uses the GPS as a location service to render relevant geotags within a practical range of miles.

Moreover, the geotags are not attached to individuals but rather geographical points of interest.

Interaction at these points of interest are anonymous.

The camera is activated for the augmented reality view and will not take pictures while in that function.

The photo option will call the intent of outside camera applications that will have their own privacy policy.

User generated files through this app are stored on the device, in the cloud and can be deleted forever at will.

The primary purpose of this app is to geotag landmarks and view nearby landmarks.

User anonymity is paramount and data collection for resale or API access is prohibited.

End of Privacy Policy