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BLACK is transparent and WHITE erases.

Supported browsers: Opera, Firefox, Safari, and Konqueror.

Enhance your world by floating images and messages at geographical points of interest.
Your geotags can be shared with friends and viewed through a mobile camera.
Think internet binoculars, but objects are not commercial search results.
The marks are personal, location relevant and belong to your anonymous clique..

  • (Required) Sign in with a random or anonymous handle.
  • 1. (Optional) Create your doodle/graffiti/message/art. Or skip to step 2.
  • 2. Upload a small image file, e.g. JPEG or PNG, and assign a geographical location.
  • 3. Share your geotags through social media or e-mail.
  • 4. View all geotags through your Android camera with the Augmented Reality browser.

  • For true anonymity, delete your handle after you are done,
    Meanwhile, enjoy viewing content beyond your line of sight.
    The ever-changing sky is literally the limit ...

    Search with your Android camera like internet binoculars then Step 3. to add known handles to follow.  |   Demo  |   Close

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